Project Consultancy

APEX project consultancy service is driven by its extensive market knowledge, qualified management teams, association with real estate service providers and strong relationship with market leaders. APEX believes that the value of professional project consultancy is of high importance in the development and management of all property types. Such services included:

Investment Portfolio

APEX also assists its clients in developing Real Estate Investment Portfolios (“REIP”) through arranging and recommending suitable financial structures specifically tailored to each client’s needs, priorities and targeted investment size. The process also includes recommending essential elements, such as the investment’s life span, financing requirements, exit strategies and asset concentration. Finally, APEX also assists in indentifying asset class opportunities that meet its clients’ targeted criteria.

Market Monitor

APEX believes market knowledge is key to success; as such, the company is committed to building strong internal teams specializing in monitoring and analyzing local and regional developments in the real estate arena to keep its clients well-informed of market dynamics. APEX provides advice and market due diligence to a variety of clients including:

Creation of Specialized Ventures

APEX’s unique one-stop-shop approach works in favor of clients wishing to venture into diversified criteria of real estate development. As such, APEX has worked to create specialized ventures within various sectors of real estate, each headed by selectively chosen industry professionals.